Managing your business in the freelance economy

Remote working is the way of the future, and with the rise of the gig economy, driven by an ever-growing freelance workforce, comes the challenge of project managing a team working from different locations. It can really only work if … Read More

How Technology Can Boost Efficiency

Let’s face it, too often we wake up thinking, “how am I going to get everything done today?” It’s a very real worry that many people face in the morning. The good news is that we live in the age … Read More

Feature Release: Xero Integration, Saved Searches and Favouriting.

Saved Searches Magnetic has super powerful search capabilities that are often under utilised due to the effort to add the search criteria. Not anymore, we have solved this with allowing you to save any great searches you have created and … Read More

Magnetic has improved our systems and boosted profitability

Servicing a roster of over 40 clients in a wide range of industries with fully integrated marketing solutions means there’s a lot for Artifact Advertising to keep track of. Luckily for this agency, as the business grew, the need for … Read More

The Magnetic Agency Survey 2016: All the results

Recently, while conducting research for our ebook, we ran the Magnetic Agency Survey 2016. It provided fascinating insight into the state of workflow and process in the agency space, and we know you’ve been eager to see the stats (especially because so many of you participated). … Read More