Servicing a roster of over 40 clients in a wide range of industries with fully integrated marketing solutions means there’s a lot for Artifact Advertising to keep track of. Luckily for this agency, as the business grew, the need for an automated and more streamlined project management system was recognised, which led to the implementation of Magnetic’s agency management software.

Using the platform predominantly to log and track agency jobs in order to better record work done and monitor accounts, Magnetic now forms the core of Artifact’s traffic system. Critical improvements reported by the advertising agency include the ability to immediately identify low profit departments, enabling management to address the issues and unlock additional sales.

Artifact’s Business Unit Manager, Caitlin Anley, says that without Magnetic, the team’s workflow process would be riddled with disorder. “Without the new software, the workflow would be very difficult to track, involving a very manual process and countless different spreadsheets.

“My favourite Magnetic feature would have to be the job dashboard as this allows me to see – at a glance – the status, spend and overarching project in one, centralised place,” Anley adds.

If you’re not convinced by Artifact Advertising’s testimonial of how better workflow management software can improve an agency’s systems and positively impact profitability, take advantage of Magnetic’s 14-day free trial and see the results first-hand.

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