Saved Searches

Magnetic has super powerful search capabilities that are often under utilised due to the effort to add the search criteria. Not anymore, we have solved this with allowing you to save any great searches you have created and giving them a name that makes sense.  Now you can save your applied filters in a search for all your contacts, companies, opportunities, jobs, tasks as well as reports. 

 All you have to do is filter according to what you are looking for and once you’ve searched, save this search to use it again! Select the save icon next to the search icon and then give the search a name and choose who will be using this search. E.g. is this search only for you, or a department or your entire company? 

All your personal, department and company saved searches will be available under the arrow dropdown next to the save icon. If you’ve saved a report, you’ll have a new heading for all saved reports.


Do you have a certain contact, job or search that you view often? You can now favourite any contact, company, opportunity, job or saved search as well as reports! Anywhere you see a star icon, you can favourite or unfavourite something, it’s as easy as that. Favourites are personal so will only apply to yourself and will be listed in a dropdown below the heading in your top bar, as seen below:

Xero Integration

Magnetic has integrated Xero, the leading cloud accounting solution! The integration is very slick as its automated and in real-time. We have been using it ourselves internally along with some other companies for a couple of months now and loving the move to Xero for our accounts.

If you are still on Pastel and have been thinking of moving to the cloud, now is the time! 

The integration automatically exports account items to Xero in real-time and every 15 minutes updates the payment status of any account items in Magnetic when any bank recon has been completed in Xero.

Want to find out more? Follow this link to our comprehensive tutorial on Xero integration and please reach out with any questions at all.

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