Recently, while conducting research for our ebook, we ran the Magnetic Agency Survey 2016. It provided fascinating insight into the state of workflow and process in the agency space, and we know you’ve been eager to see the stats (especially because so many of you participated).

We included a number of the results in our ebook, Your Workflow Process Sucks! A blueprint to implementing the right process for your agency. Now, we’re sharing the complete list of results here in a single post. Easy to read; easy to share.

(As for the ebook, we’re pretty sure you already have a copy, but just in case, here’s a handy link).

So, how does your agency stack up?

The Magnetic Agency Survey 2016

  • *Account Manager/Client Service
  • Other includes: Founder; CEO; Managing Director; Sales & Marketing Director; Business Analyst; Strategy; Production Manager; Project and Business Co-ordinator; Director of Operations.


*Results in percentage

  • * Scope creep/lack of process
  • Inaccurate quoting of cost and time involved
  • Ineffective project management of time and deliverables
  • Insufficient brief from client
  • Over-servicing clients
  • Timekeeping errors
  • Limited reporting
  • Other includes: Resources exceeding alloted time; excessive reverts.

  • *Implementing project management software
  • New client acquisition
  • Real-time insight into costs, time and budgets
  • Automated billing
  • Resource management – planning and scheduling
  • Other includes: Fixed agency profit model; good mock-ups and ‘A new secret service no one else is yet doing’.

  • *Receive warning in real time before hitting budget
  • As budget is exceeding in real time
  • After budget is exceeded
  • Once project is completed
  • Never

  • *Lack of buy-in from senior management
  • No one driving the internal process
  • Lack of project management system to oversee workflow
  • Overly complex workflow process
  • Other includes: Slow or absent client approvals; too many projects running simultaneously; lack of client response; training teams to use the software.

Now get the ebook

If you’re wanting to improve your margins, our workflow blueprint can help you do it. You’ll find it in our ebook, Your Workflow Process Sucks! A blueprint to help you implement the right process for your agency. Download your free copy here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And if you find these results as interesting as we do, share them with your network.

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